School History

Romeoville Christian Academy was formally organized as Bible View Christian Academy in 1972, as the educational ministry of Bible Baptist Church under Pastor J.O. Purcell. The school, later named Bible Baptist Christian Academy, was the result of a concerned church and Christian parents and has been such a blessing for these many years. The Lord has blessed our school, and we have seen the enrollment increase.

In 2008, the school name changed to Romeoville Christian Academy in order to better pinpoint our location and clarify our mission. In 2009, we successfully restarted our high school after a seven-year layoff. Though our name changed, the heartbeat has not. It is such a joy to see our students going on to succeed in their educational endeavors, finding God’s will in their lives, faithfully attending church, and living a life that glorifies the Lord.

Since the school is an integral part of the ministry of Bible Baptist Church, the Pastor is the school’s superintendent. The School Administrator is responsible for the daily operations of the school and supervision of the staff. The School Committee assists the pastor and administrator in making RCA a place of quality education and honoring to God. Our trained teachers are solemnly aware of their great responsibility of not only imparting academic information, but also teaching Christian morals and molding quality citizens for the glory of God.