Romeoville Christian Academy must provide an environment conducive to the academic and spiritual development of young people. Students are expected to abide by these standards throughout their enrollment. Romeoville Christian Academy expects that a student be above reproach, showing respect to God, country, family, faculty, and fellow students. Any student found to be out of harmony with the RCA ideals of work and life may be asked to withdraw whenever the general welfare demands it, even though there may be no special breach of conduct.

RCA students and their parents are expected to abide by a certain code of conduct to maintain their relationship with the school. The staff expects each student to use language that is morally proper and constructive. All conduct in situations related to RCA is expected to be of such character as to bring no unworthy reflections on the school. Romeoville Christian Academy is a Christian school and such seeks to maintain a Christian testimony in the community. The behavior and lifestyle of its student body will determine this testimony. Therefore, the student’s activities off-campus is important in developing and maintaining this testimony. Every student is expected to avoid involving himself in activities that are not in harmony with the philosophy and standards maintained by the Academy, and, more importantly, the Bible. Offenses in these areas will be dealt with at the discretion of the administration through the use of a warning, conference with parents, suspension from school, and expulsion.

Because we are all human, problems and disagreements will arise from time to time. We believe that there is a Biblical way to deal with these issues. We feel that Christian education is a cooperative effort and that anything said or done which tears down respect for either the parent or a teacher hurts the child. We believe that proper handling of problems is one way to show respect to all parties involved. The following are some parental attitudes that would be helpful to students in regard to the dress code: (1) Do not allow your child to operate on the brink, (2) Do not take it personally if a violation occurs, (3) Explain to your child the importance of a dress code and living within limits, and (4) Do not let the inconvenience of an incident cause you to lose control of your emotions.

Our goal is that the home, church, and school act as a prominent, protective, and productive triangle to help mold the child into both an improving image of Christ and an influential member of our community.