Admission Policies

Romeoville Christian Academy is a ministry owned and under the direction of Bible Baptist Church and reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards of conduct, dress, cleanliness, and scholarship. We are a distinctly Christian school.


We are not strictly a private school, and we have no desire to just be a good academic school with a Bible class. Attendance at RCA is a privilege, not a right. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend an institution that emphasizes quality education and a Christian environment. RCA is a place for families who desire a school with a challenging academic program, uplifting spiritual program, an array of extra-curricular activities, and a character-building discipline program. Attendance to our school will be based on administrative interview, church attendance, spiritual maturity, academic achievement, behavioral record, a desire of both parents and student to attend RCA, and an agreement and adherence of Biblical principles and school guidelines as laid out in the school handbook and other procedural addendums.

The school maintains the right to refuse admittance to anyone who fails to meet entrance requirements and to suspend or dismiss any student who violates the standards set down in the Statement of Cooperation, Student Handbook, or other rules and regulations as established by the school administration. RCA reserves the privilege of amending, changing, deleting, or adding to the rules, regulations, and policies throughout the year as necessary for maintaining order and for the accomplishing of the goals and objectives of the school. Parents are required to read this handbook and sign the Statement of Cooperation in order to be admitted or allowed to remain at RCA. All students are admitted on a nine-week probationary period. During the probationary time if the child fails to make acceptable progress or does not adjust to the program of the school, the parents will be expected to give additional help at home. The school reserves the right to place the child in a lower grade or dismiss the student from school if it is deemed necessary. An additional probation period may be set for poor academic performance or behavioral problems.

Enrollment into RCA is a process that we take seriously. Unfortunately, not everyone that applies for admission will be accepted. Many things are taken into consideration including but not limited to: student’s salvation, family’s church attendance, space available, previous academic aptitudes, achievement test scores, interview with school administrator, and consultation of counselor at previous school.